Anita Rinaldi Planet Sexxx (1997) Erika Bella, Amanda Steel, Deborah Valentine ...

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Description: Anita Rinaldi : Touch me & Sylvio Bandinelli film / SPCompany /
(Erika Bella, Amanda Steel, Deborah Valentine, Regina, Maria Bellucci, Simona Osborn, Nora Forter, Andrea Tiffany Segal, Regina Sipos) ,
"Gorgeous blonde actress and director Anita Rinaldi is your erotic hostess for this eye-opening indulgence into the depths of sexual fantasy. Hailed with AVN's Highest Rating as well as it's Editor's Choice, this is a lush and lascivious wall-to-wall X-rated epic that wastes little time on story, dedicating itself instead to the exotic dreams that fan the flames of our most secret desires. An unqualified success from Anita Rinaldi, one of the hottest talents in porn-- both in front of the camera and behind it as well."